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a jabber communications client
RUThere is an cross-platform Jabber IM client written using wxWidgets.

Okay, we say 'is' because it actually (barely) accomplishes this now, but we're not releasing any files yet. There's a lot of what we think it 'will be', but we plan on updating these pages often enough not to make liars out of ourselves and list here a big pile of incredibly cool stuff that we can't possibly do in absolutely no time at all, like:

* Easy to use cross-platform Jabber client
* Spins straw into gold
* Gets you a date on Saturday night
* Handles Jabber MUC group chat protocols
* Uses all audio codecs ever invented for peer-to-peer voice connections
* Opens H.323 video connections
* Produces 4800 watts at 240 VAC on a drop of water per year
* Humorless documentation

So like, we're on it.
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